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Epic 8-Day Road Trip Adventure to Far Horizons

  Greetings, fellow travel aficionados! Get ready to be swept away on an exhilarating ride as I recount the incredible tale of my 8-day road trip in my Tesla Model S spanning over   5700 miles   across the captivating landscapes, magnificent national parks, and cherished memories. Join me as we delve into each day's highlights, from cascading waterfalls to towering summits and everything in between. A little context before you think why I am in a lonely road trip during this summer. My son Ahyan went for a 3 weeks musical theatre summer course in UCLA where I dropped him 15th of July and picked him up from there August 5th at the end of this road trip. My wife Shusmita and daughter Suhaila went for a trip to Malaysia and Tajikisthan 14th July where my mother-in-law joined them from Bangladesh for the Maylasia part of the trip. Shusmita and Suhaila will be back 7th July while I needed to stay within USA boundary just in case Ahyan needs something.  Day 1: Speed and Natural Wonders E
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Alaska Trip 2017

We went to Alaska this July 2nd and came back at July 6th. Due to short time, we covered two most visited attractions during Summer time in Alaska - Cruise to watch glaciers/whales and Denali national park. We landed in Anchorage which is in the middle of Alaska and drove to Seward next morning to catch Kenai Fjyords Cruis e tour. Albeit a bit costly, you get everything in this one package - a 6/7 hour cruise that took us to watch killer whales, humpback whales, bald eagle, caves and most importantly a giant one and half mile long glacier. If you sea/motion sickness (and even if you dont) eat 2 tables to avoid throwing up - just before starting the cruise. This mid size cruise moves very fast and accommodates around hundred people I think. At the end of watching all those they took us to Foxz Island where they served all you can eat dinner with prime rib, salmon, crab. The next day we drove to Denali National Park staying in Denali Lakeview Inn which is just 12 miles